Joshua Austin

Dr. Joshua Bernard Austin, currently serves as the Recruitment Specialist for the Direct Operated Campuses of Chicago International Charter Schools. He is a 16+ year educator and administrator, committed to the education, innovation and expansion of equitable opportunities for all students. He sees his students as scholars, and refers to them as such. He is responsible for recruiting new scholars and connecting our campuses to the best resources and services that will serve our students and their families. 

Dr. Austin, brings a wealth of experience  having worked in a number of fields, from Health & Wellness, Finance, Construction, Ministry and his passion for education since 2005. He has served as a teacher, counselor, dean, recruiter and even academic coordinator. Dr. Austin attended Tuskegee University, Chicago State University, Liberty University and FAM Institute Bible College & Seminary, having earned a Bachelors Degree, two Master's degrees and a Ph.D. 

Outside of work, Dr. Austin mentors young men from the inner city, as well as serve on the board for several community organizations. 

Why do you work at CICS?: Dr. Austin believes that his commitment to the community as well as his service in the classroom will help to shape and mold a better future for us all. With all things considered, he looks forward to graduations. Graduation is the culmination and celebration of the collaborative works of the scholars, their families and the teachers. 

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