SMO Partners

CICS supports and develops a unique portfolio of diverse learning models in partnership with school management organizations (SMO) who join our network for the opportunity to autonomously design, launch, and manage innovative school models.

Priorities for SMO Partners

  1. Design and implement brilliant academic models and learning environments.
  2. Find and support amazing talent.
  3. Pursue new innovations.
  4. Collaborate, learn, and share within the network.
  5. Manage resources wisely and responsibly.

The mission of Distinctive Schools, an educational practice leader committed to social justice and the elevation of access and achievement in underserved communities, is to support each child in becoming an engaged and curious learner, a confident self-advocate, and a creative problem-solver by setting high expectations and nurturing a positive culture that honors diversity, collaboration, and optimism.

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The mission of ReGeneration Schools is to ensure that all children have equal access to high quality, college preparatory education.

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Civitas Education Partners aims to provide teams and students with an exceptional experience rooted in high expectations for student achievement and civic responsibility.

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