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ReGeneration Schools K-8

1501 East 83rd Pl
Chicago, Illinois 60619


7:45am - 3:30pm

CICS Avalon prepares all students to succeed in college through academic excellence and the content of their character. This begins in Kindergarten. Our rigorous, engaging curriculum builds the skills students need to choose a future that will be fulfilling: a strong knowledge base; the ability to read, write, calculate, and problem-solve well; and the ability to think well. Academics come first at Avalon.

  • Recognized by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2013-2014 for academic excellence
  • High value placed on student character development and school virtues of respect, diligence, perseverance, compassion, integrity, and grit

Understanding Outcomes

  • The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) measures the percent of individual students meeting and/or exceeding set growth targets based on normative data.
    • NWEA measures of 50-70% of students meeting their individual growth targets are considered above average
    • NWEA measures greater than 70% of students meeting their individual growth target are considered exemplary
  • Growth index measures the amount of points on NWEA’s scale in which a student or group is above or below typical growth.

Director(s): Marquis Washington (Elem Director), Mary Griffin (Middle School Director)

Extra Curriculars

  • Tutoring

By the Numbers

30 Teachers
430 Students

98 African American
1 Hispanic
1 Other

PARCC Percent Met or Exceeding

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