• CICS Charter Renewal Rally

    Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 

    9:00 am - City Hall Press Conference Live Stream | 121 N LaSalle St

    On January 25th, the Chicago Board of Education will vote on the length of CICS’ charter. While charter terms are based on our schools' academic, financial, and operational performance, we know that the Chicago Board of Education wants to hear from our CICS community, made up of nearly 600 educators and more than 7,000 young people and their families. We are making our voices heard.

    Wednesday, Jan. 17, 9:00 am to 9:15 am – Charter Parent Action Press Conference

    On January 17th, the Chicago Board of Education will host their agenda review committee meeting that will focus on our charter renewal. Charter parents are planning a press conference at City Hall with fellow charters across Chicago. 

    Live stream the press conference here:

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  • ISBE Results for Chicago International Charter School (CICS) Shows Growth Outpacing Illinois Schools

    This week, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) unveiled its latest Illinois School Report Card summative designations, which are designed to help school communities better understand how well a school is serving its students. The designations are a key component of Illinois’ school accountability system and they allow networks, like CICS, to understand better our strengths, areas for growth, and performance of all public schools across Illinois.  

    We are incredibly proud to share that 11 of our 13 tuition-free public charter schools - operated by Civitas Education Partners, Distinctive Schools, and ReGeneration Schools - have received “Commendable” ratings, a significant increase from 2022, demonstrating strong progress in our recovery since the pandemic. 

    Join us to learn how ISBE Annual Summative Designations are vital for CICS' commitment to continuous improvement and how we've made remarkable progress toward our goals. 

    Unveiling ISBE Designations: What’s At Stake? 

    The ISBE school summative designations serve as a comprehensive reflection of our campus’ progress towards various educational objectives. Despite the immense challenges faced by our students, educators, and families since 2020, we see these designations as a marker of growth and steady academic recovery at CICS, and we are proud of all those in our community who helped us get here. 

    The ISBE summative designation is given annually and is based on the prior year’s performance; our 2023 designations are based on each school’s performance during the 2022-2023 school year. ISBE has five annual summative designations: Exemplary, Commendable, Targeted Support, Comprehensive Support, and Intensive Support. ISBE’s policy for measuring school performance considers factors such as test score data, student growth, chronic absenteeism, and school culture. For high schools, the rating also includes factors such as graduation rate and our percentage of Freshmen who are “on track” for graduation. Targeted, Comprehensive, and Intensive Schools receive additional funding and support to build local capacity and improve student outcomes. The visual below shows you the metrics that make up each school’s designation.

    Unveiling ISBE Designations: How Are Designations Processed? 

    The process of assigning ISBE designations involves several steps to evaluate and assess school performance thoroughly. First, ISBE connects each student to their respective school and gathers important data about each student’s performance compared to students at other schools across the state of Illinois. Then, a School Performance Level is calculated based on how well all students perform compared to peers in each of the metrics listed above. These Indicator Scores are combined and weighted to create School Group Index Scores, also ranging from 0 to 100. The Index Score is subsequently converted into the Summative Designation by comparing and rank-ordering each campus across the state, utilizing statistically determined, relative cut scores for comparison. Finally, ISBE monitors and updates a school's Support Status to ensure they receive the necessary assistance for continuous improvement. These sequential steps are instrumental in providing a holistic assessment of a school's performance and guiding its journey toward excellence.

    Raising the Bar: A Leap in Commendable Campuses

    In the 2021-2022 school year, CICS had six (46%) of its thirteen campuses recognized as commendable. Fast forward to the 2022-2023 school year, and the number has jumped to eleven (85%) commendable campuses. We nearly doubled the number of schools that are Commendable and we seek to grow even further because we are committed to providing the best fit education for students in their communities. In the same year, every targeted campus in the CICS network moved its targeted subgroup to commendable status. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the focus on individual student growth, support, and the unwavering commitment of our educators. 

    In the same year, all comprehensive campuses in CICS that were part of the lowest 5% of schools in Illinois made a remarkable transformation; their hard work and dedication propelled them out of that category in just one year, a testament to their commitment to excellence. 

    Furthermore, ten out of the thirteen campuses, nearly 80%, surpassed the average growth observed in Illinois schools. This highlights the collective efforts of CICS students, educators, and staff to outperform the state's educational institutions. 

    Leveraging Real-Time Data Systems for Continuous Improvement Across the CICS Network

    CICS Schools Team, in partnership with Civitas, Distinctive, and ReGeneration Schools leaders, has built a responsive data system that provides real-time progress monitoring for the most important metrics aligned to ISBE Summative Designations. Network-wide school performance data is converted to data visualizations in a Tableau Dashboard. Network and school leaders can now utilize these real-time progress monitoring tools for ongoing analysis and school improvement efforts. Our commitment to data-driven decision-making empowers school leaders to identify targeted areas of improvement while promoting differentiated network-level support. This comprehensive and aligned data system works in service of the ambitious goals our SMOs set in support of the students, families, and communities we serve.

    We've also established collaborative spaces where leaders across our diverse school models can join together to learn from one another. A pivotal part of this process includes our quarterly CICS Collective Response to Data meetings that bring together stakeholders across CICS, our SMOs, CPS, and other key partners in this important work. Working collaboratively ensures all CICS stakeholders gain a comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape and allows for a rich exchange of insights and best practices. This collective approach to data reflection brings our most important data that impacts schools front and center for all CICS leaders and further enhances decision-making centered around what is best for our students and schools.

    Our Unique Model: A Closer Look

    At CICS, our SMOs provide the foundation for our academic excellence and innovation, allowing us to offer diverse educational programs tailored to the needs of our communities. Our educational model stands out for its diverse approach, driven by a unique structure that revolves around three SMOs. Our achievements are rooted in a blend of academic rigor, innovative instructional methods, and our unique model that recognizes there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to educating our diverse students across our diverse city. But our true strength lies in our commitment to community, collaboration, and a network-wide approach. Through our model of partnering with other educational non-profit organizations, CICS creates a supportive ecosystem where knowledge, resources, and best practices can be shared across our campuses and networks. 

    Challenges and Commitment to Improving Our Campuses 

    While many campuses have experienced significant growth, we also face challenges that demand urgent action. For the campuses that didn't achieve a Commendable status in SY23, plans are already in motion to address key metrics like graduation rates, chronic absenteeism, and proficiency in ELA and Math for all students, including student sub-groups. CICS Wrightwood and CICS West Belden will also receive additional IL Empower funds over a four year cycle ending in 2027 to support growth for our diverse learners (CWD subgroup). 

    Leaders across CICS and our SMOs will ensure we are “inspecting what we expect” and responding to what matters most - the student experience. 

    CICS: Leading the Way

    CICS’ campuses have achieved growth that outpaces many other schools in the state, with nearly 80% of them showing exceptional progress. This is a testament to our commitment to educational excellence. 

    Moving forward, the CICS Schools Team is focused on maintaining this momentum and supporting improvements across the network. We will continue to work collaboratively to ensure the transformational success of all CICS students. Our SY23 ISBE designations serve as a guide on our journey toward educational excellence for all, reflecting campus growth and our collective dedication to academic achievement. Moving forward, our SMOs and campuses will collaboratively implement strategic, responsive, and students-first approaches to address targeted areas, ensuring our work toward our SY24 ISBE designations propels us toward a brighter, more promising educational landscape, offering a world-class education for our students today and into the future.


    Allison Hansen Sussna is CICS' Chief of Schools, Dr. Sussna's primary responsibility, in partnership with academic leaders across CICS,  is to ensure significant student achievement is gained across our diverse portfolio.

    Allison has spent her career building academic systems that promote equity and maintain a laser focus on the instructional core, ensuring all students have access to a rigorous, high-quality education. She previously served as the Principal Officer of Donald J. Marquez K-8 Charter School located in Brighton Park. Before this position, Dr. Hansen partnered with Washington, D.C. Public Schools where she was a member of the Principal Effectiveness Team and analyzed, trained, supported, and retained excellent school leaders.


    Luke McShane is CICS' Managing Director of Teaching and Learning. Luke leads continuous improvement processes to support school performance across CICS' diverse portfolio of 13 campuses. Utilizing data, progress monitoring, and customized learning experiences, he authentically engages with leaders to ensure equitable student outcomes. 

    Luke holds a Bachelor's in Chemistry, a Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Illinois, and a National Board Certification in High School Chemistry Teaching. As a school leader, he has navigated charter renewal and successfully exited multiple schools from remediation by achieving transformational academic outcomes. 

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  • CICS Northtown Academy Addresses Cancellation of SAT Testing


    CICS Northtown Academy Addresses Cancellation of SAT Testing

    [Chicago, August 28, 2023] - CICS Northtown Academy regrets to inform the community and stakeholders about the recent cancellation of the scheduled SAT testing on August 26, 2023. We understand the importance of standardized testing in the college admissions process and want to provide clarity on the reasons behind this unfortunate occurrence. 

    The cancellation of the SAT testing at CICS Northtown Academy was an unexpected and regrettable incident that arose due to unforeseen circumstances. CICS Northtown Academy, an active testing site for standardized assessments, has always been committed to facilitating a conducive testing environment for our students. In response to this situation, CICS Northtown Academy is actively collaborating with the College Board to explore potential solutions. Our priority remains the welfare and educational journey of our students, and we are committed to working closely with the College Board to determine appropriate measures moving forward. We aim to reschedule the SAT testing at the earliest possible date to minimize any disruptions to our student's academic plans.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation and express our gratitude for the understanding and support of our students, parents, and the broader community during this time.

    CICS Northtown Academy will continue to keep our students and their families updated on the progress of the rescheduled SAT testing dates as we work closely with the College Board to determine the best course of action.

    For testing follow up, please contact:

    Katherine A Kreiling, CICS Northtown Academy Principal, (773) 478-3655

    For media inquiries, please contact: 

    Luis Sanchez, CICS Director of Communications, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    About CICS Northtown Academy

    CICS Northtown Academy is a dedicated educational institution within the CICS network and managed by Civitas Education Partners committed to providing high-quality education and resources to empower students on their academic journey. With a focus on academic excellence, community engagement, and student growth, CICS Northtown Academy strives to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

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    Check out this amazing feature done by one of our SMO partners, Distinctive Schools, highlighting CICS Prairie's amazing STEAM Lab!


    Unleashing the Creative Genius: Exploring the Wonders of the STEAM Lab at CICS Prairie

    As you enter CICS Prairie, there are a series of classrooms along a long, narrow hallway, and at first glance, you may not recognize the incredible exploration and development taking place every day. Our students are up to incredible, wondrous activities in –  one unique classroom truly bringing learning into the 21st century: the STEAM lab! STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, and in the CICS Prairie STEAM lab, instructor Mr. Victor Garbonkus considers himself a guide for his students, and they truly enjoy the experiences his class provides. The lab is hands-on and teamwork oriented, as students work together on project-based curriculum; building robots, learning to code, constructing bridges, flying drones and so much more!

    This state-of-the-art classroom catches your eye immediately,  with a five-foot-tall ferris wheel constructed entirely of Connects pieces –  it incorporates a motor and actually moves on its own! The ferris wheel was constructed over 5 years by teams of students, as Mr. Garbonkus shared he provided guidance along the way, but the students built the wheel completely independently. 

    “The ferris wheel was an accomplishment for me because I was one of the first ones to finish it, I was proud of the achievement,” shares 8th-grade student Gabrielle. 

    EXPLORE THE WONDERS: Students are encouraged to explore their personal interests through different projects offered. When we visited their classroom last month, there was a wide variety of activities taking place at once. Students worked in groups, rotating through different projects over the course of the semester. One group of students built their own remote control, attached it to the computer, and used it to play a video game. Other students built and drove robotic cars, or worked with Connects pieces to build different structures. Out in the hallway, a group of students worked together to fly, direct and successfully land a drone precisely on a mark.

    Mr. Garbonkus is proud of the way his students take ownership of their learning, and encourages students to see themselves as more than a participant in class – he inspires them to take their learning to the next level, and elevates the experience for each of his students, “Travis is my flight instructor, he was my first to succeed with figuring out how to fly the drone. He got the software, got the drone, and taught other students how to fly it. He communicated with his co-pilots so well that I wanted him to train other students to do the same. He’s an 8th grader, he's been doing this for years. He’s the guru of flying here at CICS Prairie!” 

    BE CREATIVE: The classroom extends far beyond practical technical skills, as students learn to collaborate and communicate effectively with their peers. Through rotating groups and projects, students face different challenges to tackle together, encouraging creativity, communication, and out-of-the-box thinking.

    “STEAM is not just building, it’s being around people in your community, working together to build up teamwork. That’s what STEAM is really about,” says 8th-grade student, Azaya.

    Mr. Garbonkus explained what makes him feel most proud of his students, he said “ to see their experiences light them up, to see their eyes brighten, to see the excitement. To see them experience success in achieving their goal and then explaining their journey makes me extremely proud.” The next time you visit CICS Prairie, we invite you to take a moment to peek into the lab – you never know who you might see… a flight instructor? A robotics engineer perfecting their next invention? A product designer hard at work on their next dream? One thing is certain – you will see smiles, joyful collaboration, and students who believe in themselves and the power of their unlimited potential.

    The CICS Prairie STEAM lab was generously sponsored through a partnership with Relativity. This grant was created to help youth gain access to the technology, equipment and training that they need to be successful in today's world. 


    About Chicago International Charter School 

    Chicago International Charter School is a vibrant network of diverse Chicago charter schools that enable students to thrive every day, put them on a path to success in college and life, and empower entrepreneurial educators to pursue excellence through innovation. CICS is serving more than 7,400 students at 13 campuses across Chicago. To learn more, visit

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  • CICS Wrightwood's "Thriller" Performance on WGN News

    Check out CICS' @wrightwoodwildcats "Thriller" performance on @wgnnews as they help promote some exciting Halloween events happening in Chicago! This was an awesome performance led by one of very own, Jazmine Cooper, who was also honored as a 2022 Chicago Defender Woman of Excellence. Keep dancing into the hearts of all!

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  • CICS: Lloyd Bond Print

    You might have seen their first video production welcoming back the community and students for SY 22-23 and now they have done it again. Our leaders, educators and students continue to impress! Academics and hard work puts possibility in the hearts and minds of every person who walks onto our campuses. That's why CICS Lloyd Bond continues to press the envelope and share the wonderful things they are doing that are preparing our students academically and socially.  

    Thank you Tobias Black and the good folks of Lloyd Bond for always going above and beyond for your students, families, and community. Check out our video here! 

    To learn more about CICS Lloyd Bond, please visit www.CICSLloydBond.Org for more information!

    #EveryChildEveryDay #WeAreCICS


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  • CICS: ChicagoRise (Lloyd Bond) Innovation Spotlight Video

    In honor of Black History Month, CICS is highlighting the latest Innovation Spotlight video showcasing ChicagoRise-the bold school model integrating identity-affirming pedagogy with a rigorous intentional curriculum.

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  • CICS-ChicagoQuest, Civitas Community Impact Experience Innovation Spotlight Video

    Our students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, designers and civic leaders, and they need opportunities to develop and exercise their skills and knowledge through problems in real-world situations and circumstances.

    At CICS ChicagoQuest, seniors are in a 6-10 week long project, the Civitas Community Impact Experience (CCIE), that addresses authentic issues, tasks, and topics proposed by sponsors and community partners. Students earn high school credit and may also have opportunities to pursue professional certifications.

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