Alumni Spotlight: Keven Stonewall

My parents chose CICS Wrightwood for me because it was a neighborhood school where they had the opportunity to choose  what was best for me-a school where its curriculum is tailored to the community and student's needs. They also chose Wrightwood because there was a sense of community from teachers and staff and more importantly, the academic support available to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

My favorite class at Wrightwood was 5th-grade science. I can remember the first day of class-just like it was yesterday. My teacher taught me all about the microscope and how to use it-that’s when I fell in love with science!  I remember asking my teacher so many questions about the microscope and the amazing things you can do with it. This ultimately led me to enter into the science and medical field as a college student and now as a medical school student at Loyola University's Stritch School of Medicine. 

At CICS-Wrightwood, the campus culture was clearly making sure every student felt valued and appreciated. This is what stood out for me and my family-the  sense of community and feeling valued! 

I participated in flag football and band. My involvement in these activities were so important to me because I enjoyed the competition of football, and I was excited to accept the challenges associated with learning to read musical notes and play an instrument;especially in front of an audience. These extracurricular activities have taught me the importance of competition, but also to be disciplined. 

Yes. Mr. David Lewis who was the School Director/Principal, played an instrumental role in my childhood experiences at Wrightwood. He always made sure the students realize their true potential; he personally encouraged me to go beyond the norm. Every day, he reminded us that we were truly valued and appreciated. These are words that still echo in my head today.

CICS Wrightwood instilled the importance of self-discipline in me at an early stage of my education. This is a great skill to have and I learned how to apply it throughout my undergraduate college career, and even now in medical school.

One of my most memorable moments at Wrightwood was my 8th-grade graduation where I was the school’s first valedictorian. That moment was truly a special one because our graduating class was the first from CICS-Wrightwood (Class of 2009). We started our journey at CICS-Wrightwood when we were in the 5th grade back in 2005. I am proud to say that my class paved the way and established a culture of family focus and excellence at CICS-Wrightwood. I will always consider Wrightwood a critical part of my childhood memories.

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