Educator Spotlight: Eric Austin

Written by Chicago International Charter School
23 October 2020
Posted in Educator Spotlight

This month, in honor of National Principals Month, we will be highlighting a few of the incredible men and women who are leading our schools throughout the network.

Eric Austin, Principal at CICS Avalon, loves teaching but realized that leading as a school principal would allow him to be a part of making systemic changes in education and have an even greater impact on even more students.

Mr. Austin continues to hone his leadership skills. In his role, he is called upon to make decisions every day and he has learned to admit when he has made a mistake. This transparency has helped him to build a school culture that fosters authentic buy-in, builds trust and fosters learning throughout the school. He credits this culture with how well Basil students have been doing in remote learning this year. Avalon’s teachers are working hard to ensure that scholars understand the importance of attending classes and over 95% of the students are in their remote classrooms every day.

He makes it a point to be in remote classes with his students, celebrating the great things that he sees scholars doing while also working with students who are struggling. “I’ll work with them in a breakout room to find out what’s wrong.”  Even in remote learning, Mr. Austin expects that Avalon’s students will continue to strive to reach their goals in reading and math growth and achievement this year. He believes that all of the scholars at Basil will continue to be on path to success in high school and beyond.

Mr. Eric Austin is currently the Principal for CICS Avalon. Mr. Austin started as a TFA Corps member in Nashville, and then moved into the role of Director of Special Education followed by the Assistant Principal of culture at Nashville Prep Charter School. He also taught in the Noble Network of Charter Schools. He holds a Masters in public policy from the University of Chicago, and is deeply passionate about school choice for all families.

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