Educator Spotlight: Derrick Orr

Written by Chicago International Charter School
15 October 2020
Posted in Educator Spotlight

This month, in honor of National Principals Month, we will be highlighting a few of the incredible men and women who are leading our schools.

Derrick Orr, Principal at CICS Wrightwood, works to bring out the best in his teachers, giving them quality feedback, pushing them to be change-makers and helping them to grow as leaders.

He is proud that the teachers are a part of the decision-making process at Wrightwood and stresses the importance of communicating and working together. "Excellence Can't Wait" are words that every staff member at Wrightwood believes as they push towards excellence for their students in everything they do. 

His vision for this school year is to continue to push high-level programs and academic practice while closing the education gaps that come from remote learning. He believes that Wrightwood can be a place where students, parents and families support one another and coexist as a community! 

Mr. Derrick Orr is currently the Principal for CICS Wrightwood. Prior to joining our team, Mr. Orr worked in Chicago Public Schools for seventeen years in various capacities at three school campuses. Mr. Orr began his career as a special education teacher for middle school students in cross-categorical, full-time instructional classroom. He is passionate about building relationships and partnerships that will facilitate opportunities for students to have optimal learning experiences. Mr. Orr holds a BA and MEd in Special Education from Northeastern Illinois University.

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