Educator Spotlight: James Johnstone

Written by Chicago International Charter School
21 October 2020
Posted in Educator Spotlight

This month, in honor of National Principals Month, we will be highlighting a few of the incredible men and women who are leading our schools throughout the network.

James Johnstone, is a first-year Principal at CICS Basil. He started his tenth year as an educator at the campus and took on the leadership role of principal to expand the positive impact he could have on scholars. He has been able to forge positive connections with students across multiple grade levels, and now even multiple generations of scholars at CICS Basil!

One skill that he believes makes him a great principal is his ability to connect, relate and communicate to the unparalleled team of educators at Basil. “They are the most committed and diligent group I have ever had the opportunity and  privilege to lead.”

Mr. Johnstone’s vision for student success is the same as it was before we moved to remote learning. He believes that every CICS Basil scholar should graduate with a rigorous, high quality education that prepares them for college. He and the Basil educators and staff will continue to prove that the best practices of the physical classroom are transferable to the virtual classroom as they continue to serve their scholars, families and school community.

Mr. James Johnstone is currently the Principal for CICS Basil. Prior to becoming the principal, Mr. Johnstone served as Director Of Curriculum And Instruction and was a first and second grade teacher at Basil. He holds a degree in Elementary Education from Clarke University.

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