Educator Spotlight: Taquia Hylton

Written by Chicago International Charter School
29 October 2020
Posted in Educator Spotlight

This month, in honor of National Principals Month, we will continue to highlight a few of the incredible men and women who are leading our schools.

Taquia Hylton is Principal at CICS Ralph Ellison. She was only a few years into her career when she realized she could be more effective for her students as a principal rather than as a teacher. She sees herself as a servant leader and everything she does has the best interest of her students in mind. 

Principal Hylton is proud of the relationships she has created with the staff and the students at Ralph Ellison. “I try to make sure I know every student by name.” While our campuses have been under remote learning, Ms. Hylton has ensured students at Ellison know her open door policy and encourages them to contact her directly when needed. On a regular day, she sits in their online classes and will email or call a student at home when necessary.

Communication is the key to staying connected to all of the stakeholders at the school! “I want our students to know that they are not alone, they can get through this pandemic, and we will have their backs through it all.” Her focus this year is on academic achievement, with 95% or more of Ralph Ellison students receiving a C or better in all of their classes, while also being mindful that SEL is especially important as her students rely on the school for those supports as well. 

Challenges will continue, but Ms. Hylton maintains a positive attitude and believes that families send their scholars to Ralph Ellison in part because of the safe and welcoming environment that their school leader and staff have created. “Parents send us a piece of themselves when they send their children to our school. They want what's best for their children and we do too.”

 Taquia Hylton, Ed.S. began educating children at the age of 18 when she was one of sixty high school seniors in Illinois selected as a Golden Apple Scholar.  Before becoming the Principal at CICS Ralph Ellison High School, Ms Hylton was the school administrator in Chicago & Dolton Public Schools. 

During her career, Taquia has served as a Principal, Assistant Principal, Dean of Students, Instructional Coach, Classroom Teacher, and Professional Development Provider for Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA).  Taquia Hylton provides coaching and support for staff, leaving them feeling informed and empowered to move forward in their efforts to help all scholars excel in college, careers, and life.

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