CICS-Washington Park Parent: Anthony Caldwell

Parent: Anthony Caldwell

Written by Luis Sanchez
09 November 2018
Posted in Parent Spotlight

Why did you decide to enroll your daughter at CICS Washington Park?

Tbere are two reasons for enrolling my daughter at CICS Washington Park-they are saftey and a quality education. 

I believe that the CICS Washington Park campus has a supportive staff, a great curriculum and advanced programs which other neighborhood schools do not have. My daughter is currently in the 7thgrade and has been at this school since kindergarten. I wanted her to be part of a higher performing school. I knew through my research, that Washington Park was the right choice because of its safe and positive school environment.

What are some of the unique qualities about your daughter's curriculum at school? 

One thing I noticed about CICS Washington Park is that it has a collegiate culture permeating through its campus environment. From college and university banners displayed in halls and classrooms, to ongoing conversations about college with my daughter’s teachers, to students wearing college and university jerseys, and the numerous visits to their local campuses, Washington Park ensures that each one of its students completes high school and enrolls in a college or university of his or her choice. The school makes it a priority to take the necessary steps to educate each child to its utmost potential, especially at an early age.  

Based on your child's education at CICS Washington Park, tell me some of your daughter’s goals and ambitions?

My daughter has a passion for science. I thank Washington Park for steering her in the direction of a STEM curriculum. She is now focused on space travel and receiving a Grammy award. She loves science and has hopes of reversing Einstein’s theory of relativity. She also wants to write another novel. Her focus is to become successful in every way possible. She makes me proud!

Tell me some unique things about your daughter’s experiences at CICS Washington Park? 

My daughter comes home happy each and every single day from school. She has positive relationships with her teachers, some who help her with some difficult homework, such as college math problems. She appreciates the overall school environment. I believe when students have ownership of their education, it has a positive effect on their achievement. This allows students to become self-aware of themselves and maximize their potential, which leads to them making positive decisions in life.

How involved are you in the community and at CICS Washington Park? 

I have been involved at Washington Park and in my local community since my daughter started kindergarten at WP.  I have led and been the PTO head and worked with parents, school staff and the overall community to create a safe and secure environment by tackling issues such as traffic safety and violence in the community. My goal has always been to raise awareness on vital issues and supports kids need in life.  

 If you can sum up CICS Washington Park in three words or phrases, what are they? 

A school that is goal-oriented, drives to succeed, and provides a positive atmosphere.

Anthony Caldwell is a resident of Chicago who lives in the Washington Park neighborhood. He is a parent whose daughter is in the 7thgrade at CICS Washington Park. Anthony is an active participant of Washington Park’s PTO and was instrumental in the Washington Park Peace Rally.


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