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Parent: Erin Fox - CICS Irving Park

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25 March 2019
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We were looking for a school that offered differentiated learning of some sort. We originally enrolled in a Catholic school since the Chicago Public School lotteries were unsuccessful for us. A week before CICS-IP started its school year, we received a call that a spot was open. After a few calls and some investigation, we decided to send our daughter to CICS-IP because of the differentiated learning program.

What attracted us to CICS was the differentiated learning – that was key. We also like the relatively small classroom size, enjoy the school culture, and the caring nature of the teachers. The teachers are genuinely concerned and care about every student!

I have been quite involved as a parent with CICS-IP.  I spent three years planning parent/student events, which allowed me to meet a lot of staff, other parents, and students. Participating in PTO meetings also offers a great community and support network for parents. At CICS-IP,  I feel heard by the school administration and teachers. If I have concerns, I voice them, and they are usually taken seriously. The teachers are also easy to communicate with which helps me understand how my child is doing in school.

I believe the personalized design and curriculum are unique and cater to the different styles of student learning. I also think the mindful practices class is distinct and provides the children with a different perspective.

What would you tell other parents who may be considering CICS-IP as a school option?

I would tell these parents that if they are looking for individualized attention and differentiated learning, CICS-IP is the place for them. My children have really excelled at CICS-IP and I think most children can.

Describe your engagement in your child’s school community.

I am working parent, so it is very difficult for me to get to school during the day. My volunteer activities therefore revolve around events that happen in the evenings or weekends. I spent three years planning parent/student events for the PTO and I am now on the PTO Board. Even though I am not in the classroom or at school during the day, my children see me planning and hosting these school activities.

What is your greatest wish for your child(ren) at CICS IP?

My wish and goal are for my children to meet great, life-long friends, to begin and figure out what they enjoy and/or are good at. The importance is for the enjoying school and learning, as well as preparing them to get accepted into a good high school.

My children love CICS-IP. Each of my kids have a nice group of friends and they also love their teachers, but more importantly, they enjoy learning.


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