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Parent: Johanna Fricano – CICS Irving Park

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29 March 2019
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For us, our decision came during our child’s second year at CICS-Irving Park. For kindergarten, CICS-IP was logistically the best option for us. The campus was on my way to work and provided a reasonably priced aftercare option. My husband and I felt good about the school when we both went to an open house, so we thought why not try it and apply the following year. We ended up loving the school and had found our home at CICS-IP! 

Literally, from the moment you drop your kid off at the door and Johnny welcomes you and your children, you just feel that you’ve walked into something special. Having been raised in a very small Iowa town, I really wanted my kids to go to a school with a strong sense of community like the one that I went to as a kid. I can honestly say that we have found a sense of community at CICS-IP.

We really have had a wonderful experience during our 2 ½ years at CICS-IP. The school has been great in communicating with us and providing solutions to any issues that have arisen with my kiddos. Through these conversations, I have not only felt that my kids were provided tools to make better decision, but I learned some valuable techniques to implement at home.

Individualized learning and the school’s focus on social and emotional growth. While I think that the individual learning plans are amazing, I strongly believe that the school’s focus on social and emotional growth is just as important. It is pretty cool that while CICS-IP is providing the educational resources to meet with each student’s academic abilities, CICS-IP strives to provide our kiddos the tools to become good and thoughtful human beings.

If they are looking for a school with a community atmosphere, you’ve found it as CICS-IP. The vibe that you get at CICS-IP is something that cannot be replicated. It is pretty amazing how year after year, the school is able to maintain such a warm, welcoming and honestly, happy and energetic atmosphere.

I am fortunate that I have been able to jump right in the community and become pretty involved at CICS-IP. I am the PTO president and CICS advocacy ambassador. As a working mom, I am unable to volunteer in the classroom as much as I’d like, so volunteering for the PTO and working as an advocacy ambassador provides me a flexible opportunity to support the school and our students.

I hope that my kids graduate from CICS-IP with the academic as well as social and emotional tools to succeed in high school and beyond.

Both my kids have had a great time at CICS-IP. They genuinely are excited to go to school! While both of them have struggled at times with some behavioral issues, the teachers, staff and administration have all come together to help my kiddos work through those and learn from them.  


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