Why A CICS Lloyd Bond Parent Wants Everyone to Know That All Things Are Possible

Written by Chicago International Charter School
06 April 2023
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CICS Lloyd Bond has been dubbed by many as a hidden gem in the Altgeld Gardens community. Carmen Washington, a longtime parent at Lloyd Bond, shares her sentiments about the campus culture within the school and why she truly believes all things are possible once you enter through CICS Lloyd Bond’s campus doors. 

Carmen’s own children started attending CICS Lloyd Bond in 2018. She was looking for a great school in the community and was told that CICS Lloyd Bond is a great charter school with a staff of dedicated educators and superheroes. She took a chance and enrolled her scholars at this campus and they immediately loved it.  The rest has been history. 

One of Carmen’s fondest memories of her children first attending CICS Lloyd Bond was her love of the school’s open lines of communication. She noted everyone in the school cares!  As a parent, Carmen values the transparency and the sense of urgency that Lloyd Bond has with its families. This prompted her to become more active and involved in her children’s education. 

“I am the parent who volunteers for everything! I love being involved, not only with just my children but with children in general. I’ve chaperoned field trips, volunteered in classes, helped plan events, read to classes and decorated classroom doors.  I was also secretly the mascot for the boy's basketball team. I try to donate as much of my time as I can, said Carmen.”

Carmen always feels a great sense of pride and security as a Bond parent. She knows that her children are at a school where education is paramount,  support systems are important and a family atmosphere is evident. Her children love the relationships they’ve built with their peers and the staff. They feel the school community has now become an extension of their family. 


One way her students build community is through the campus' after-school activities, which exposed her children to new possibilities and are a true testament that students can do all things when they step out of their comfort zone. Her 5th grader has benefited from this tremendously and she has seen his confidence grow because of the school's dedication to fostering his own superpowers.

“My 5th grader at Lloyd Bond is very smart, talented, and has good behavior. He’s always been encouraged about his education and as a peer leader. He is excited to be on the basketball team and is now in a computer class. He loves the acknowledgment and receives rewards for his behavior.” 

As a single mother of five, all of her children have attended CICS Lloyd Bond, and she is grateful to know that when she drops them off, her children are receiving a great education as well as building positive relationships. Throughout the years, Carmen has experienced some challenges with her sons and each time she was able to reach out to the staff at CICS Lloyd Bond. They have always gone above and beyond to show support. She would like to give a special shout-out to CICS Lloyd Bond’s Principal, Marcell Kirk, Dean McCray, Mr. Nobles, Mr. Redmond and Mr. Rivers. And a special thank you goes to Ms. Grier and Ms. Reavley for always helping her during times when she needed it the most. But also notes, no staff member goes unnoticed. 

When asked the question, “Why should families choose CICS Lloyd Bond?”, Carmen responded, “Bond's educators are a hidden gem in the community. I feel like they truly care about each student. My children have learned so much. There is an abundance of love and communication. I’d never been comfortable with a school until my children started attending there.”

Carmen truly believes that “all things are possible” at CICS Lloyd Bond.


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