CICS Northtown Academy Students Awarded with Academic Honors from College Board National Recognition Programs

Written by Chicago International Charter School
05 December 2022
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CICS Northown Academy students have earned academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs. These National Recognition Programs grant underrepresented students with academic honors that can be included on college and scholarship applications and connect students with universities across the country, helping them meaningfully connect to colleges and stand out during the admissions process. Colleges and scholarship programs identify students awarded National African American, Hispanic, Indigenous and/or Rural/Small Town Recognition through College Board’s Student Search Service. CICS Northtown Academy students excelled in College Board assessments and schoolwork to earn these awards, which colleges use to identify academically competitive underrepresented students.

Several CICS Northtown Academy student's were honored because of their academic achievements in school and outstanding performance on the PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™ 10, and/or AP® Exams. They've accomplished these milestones during an immensely demanding period of their high school career. We couldn't be more delighted to share this great news.




The following student(s) have been awarded recognition (award key below):

Angelina Gomez: NHRA
Brandon Castrejon: NHRA
Braulio Coronel: NHRA
Chinasa Nwosu: NAARA
Montserrat Ruiz: NHRA

Award Key:

  • National African American Recognition Award: NAARA
  • National Hispanic Recognition Award: NHRA
  • National Rural and Small Town Award: NRSTA
  • National Indigenous Award: NIA


To learn more about CICS Northtown Academy visit their website, here. 

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