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Written by Larry Daniel
13 November 2018
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I have worked at CICS for over 13 years as a Facilities Manager and I have seen CICS improve tremendously. Part of my role is to maintain facilities and infrastructure at all our 14 campuses. 

As someone who has been with CICS for quite some time, I find that to be a benefit because I can provide historical knowledge of a building or background on a project that someone new on our staff may not know about. 

Whether it’s ensuring the air conditioning system is operating during the Summer months, to keeping ceilings from leaking, we have a dedicated team that oversees plans, renovations, and maintenance on all of our facilities. Our job is to keep our campuses up to par in order for educators, staff and students to be part of a safe and habitable environment.

Every day is a new day, and that makes it special

I enjoy my job because I visit CICS campuses all over the city. I visit almost every campus on a routine basis, which takes me across many neighborhoods in Chicago. I notice the impact CICS schools have across the city, especially on how it improves a local community and its surrounding environment. A good example of this are the CICS Lloyd Bond and CICS Loomis-Longwood campuses. These schools, along with their educators and staff make the community safer and provide a resourceful venue for kids. 

 A vehicle for positive change

My job also allows me to see the positive changes and accomplishments throughout CICS. This is something I admire. For example, I was part of the team that oversaw CICS Ralph Ellison’s transformation. To see the school being gutted and rebuilt is something I admire because I know once the building is renovated, educators, staff and students alike can come to school motivated to work and learn in a new and improved space.  Another example of facility modernization is seeing the Ellison gym being outfitted with solar panels and a garden planted on the roof. The transformations are extraordinary.  The campus has undergone so much change that everyone from the educators to students have a look of appreciation and pride when they walk inside the school.  

From the teamwork to the level of professionalism, there is not a day where I don’t think about how fortunate I am to work at a place where people appreciate one another and are dedicated to doing what’s best for kids. That is fundamental.

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