Teacher Appreciation Week 2022: Network Service Day

Written by Chicago International Charter School
31 May 2022
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Let's TACO' bout our amazing teachers and staff! Teacher Appreciation Week is one of our favorite times of the school year because we get a chance to show how much we appreciate what they do for our organization. In lieu of recent news, we thought it was highly important to share the joy from that day because they deserve it and we need a friendly reminder that our unsung heroes do a lot for their students and will do anything to protect them at all costs. Teachers have to be more than a teacher at any given moment. They are our frontline workers for CICS, our students, and our families.

So, what better way to show them a token of our gratitude and appreciation by helping them complete some of their classroom tasks. Yes, you heard correctly!  The network staff for CICS came ready to work and give our teachers a break from some of the everyday tasks they have in addition to daily prep. 

The network staff served at our Loomis-Longwood and Lloyd Bond campuses and helped with the following: teacher copies, updating bulletin boards, library organization, read-aloud, and much more! In addition, we stayed true to our theme and served them tacos for lunch (all you can eat) and gave them an unforgettable gift all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico. Two artists traveled all the way to Chicago, IL to paint us a one-of-one painting to grace our halls and it's more than we imagined. 

Instead of going on about how amazing the day was, check it out for yourself below.



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