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Written by Chicago International Charter School
16 July 2018
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Accenture is a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. Partnering with CICS for 10 years, Accenture supports a mentoring program that provides CICS students with exposure to career fields and guides them to make informed decisions about college after high school graduation and their career going forward. As part of the program, an Accenture employee is paired with a CICS Student for the duration of the school year.

Jill Stein
Jill Stein

Manager Global Change Management at Accenture

What is your role at Accenture?

I am part of our Risk Management and Quality team. Within that team, I serve as the Technology Enablement lead, meaning I manage our intranet presence and ensure that our training and enablement content is accessible by Accenture people. I develop innovative technology-based training solutions and content. I also maintain our web pages, our media channel, and our social media strategy. In addition, I am involved with the Chicago office in a few ways – I am the program manager for the Women in Chicago employee resource group, the program lead for the Chicago Jewish/Interfaith employee resource group, and the liaison for our relationship with CICS. I have co-led our mentoring program with CICS for the past 7 years.

Discuss Accenture’s partnership with CICS?

The Accenture Women in Chicago employee resource group has partnered with CICS for the past 10 years to offer one-on-one mentoring to high school students from CICS campuses. Each year, we have paired 40-50 students with Accenture mentors for the school year. We hold exciting kick-off and year-end celebrations at the Accenture offices, and students and their mentors meet informally throughout the school year. Mentors have visited the CICS campuses over the years, met their mentees for fun and education in various city locations, and forged lasting relationships with the students.

How would you like to see Accenture’s partnership with CICS evolve in the future?

I would love to explore other opportunities for mentoring with CICS students. I’d love to figure out ways to scale the mentoring model to involve more students, in different ways.

Discuss Accenture’s commitment to community investment, particularly youth development and empowerment?

Accenture is making a difference every day through our commitments and connections to our local communities. Our US Corporate Citizenship program is taking action on some of the most urgent and pressing needs facing our country today - in fiscal 2017, Accenture invested nearly $17 million in communities across the United States through cash and pro bono contributions. Over 12,000 people either volunteered or donated last year. Accenture does this because we believe that by combining human ingenuity with groundbreaking technologies, we can solve complex problems and deliver innovation that helps build a more equal and inclusive society.

How do philanthropy, volunteerism and leadership development work together within Accenture’s broader corporate social responsibility and community outreach?

Giving back to our communities is a key part of what makes Accenture a great place to work. Together with our nonprofit partners, last year we equipped more than 120,000 individuals in the US with employment and entrepreneurship skills.

Why is philanthropy and volunteering important to you personally?

I joined Accenture with a unique career background – I was a social worker, working directly with children and families in Chicago. So, giving back is just part of my DNA. I am motivated by the fact that I can mesh Accenture’s best practices for delivering high performance with the social responsibility I have to address the needs and best interests of my community.

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